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Updated May 27, 2014


Cub Scout Summertime Pack Award

Summer is upon us and that means summertime fun. Earning this award is fairly simple. Just plan at least three activities this summer (June, July, Aug.) and invite your pack members and have fun. When the summer is done just fill out the award form and turn it in to the scout office. Itís that easy and the activity options are countless. You can have a picnic in the park or go to the Springfield Sliders Game. Take a trip to a museum or go to the zoo. Good Luck with summer and have a great time! Any questions just let me know at Jerry.Daniels@scouting.org.


Free Tickets to Springfield Sliders Baseball Game

The Springfield Sliders are offering free tickets to their June 30th Baseball game. These tickets are for scouts and leaders and include a hot dog and drink. A patch will also be included if the scout is in their uniform. More information can be found here. This is a great way to spend a day with your scouts and will also count towards your Summertime Pack Award. So sign up today before tickets run out.


Summer Camp Planning -- Sign up Today!

Summer will be fast approaching and now is the time to start preparing for camping opportunities. For the Cub Scouts we have Day Camps, Traveling Day Camps and Resident Camps around the council. Day camps are held all over the district and council where the resident camps are held at Camp Illinek in Springfield. These camps offer loads of fun for a very affordable price. If you would like a presentation at your pack meeting please let us know and we would be more than happy to come out and talk about camp to your scouts. Information for these camps can be found by clicking here. Then follow the links to the Cub Scout Camp of your choice.


For the Boy Scouts we have Camp Bunn in Hettick, Illinois to provide programming for your scouts. It is a week long program with some unique programming such as our sailing and personal watercraft programs. Bunn also offers high adventure programs such as the climbing tower and C.O.P.E. (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) Mixed with other merit badge classes, your scout will have plenty to do during his week at camp. We also have a lone scout program where we can place a scout in with another troop if he would like to come to Camp Bunn without his troop (e.g. his troop is going elsewhere and he canít go that week). Information for Camp Bunn can be found by clicking here and then follow the links to Camp


We hope to see you and your scout at one of our camping facilities this summer. If you have any questions please feel free to ask us.