Welcome to the Abraham Lincoln Council, Boy Scouts of America Donation Page.  Your support helps us to better serve young people on Mr. Lincoln’s Prairie, preparing them to be better citizens and leaders.

All contributions to the Abraham Lincoln Council are tax deductible as your circumstances allow.  Acknowledgements are provided throughout the year and letters for use with your taxes are sent each January for gifts made the preceding year.

You may choose several ways to contribute, including: “Friend of Scouting”, “In Memory of” or “In Honor of” an individual, or request a contact be made for support of our Endowment Fund.

Scout Tribute Fund

Contributions to the Scout Tribute Fund are placed in the Abraham Lincoln Council Endowment Fund.  The gifts and future appreciation are held in trust to further the Scouting program in Central Illinois.

Gifts made in his memory from:

Muriel Butler

Barbara S. Delano

William & Mary Forsyth

Nancy M Hahn

Susan Hammond

Dian Hoffee

Linda Humphrey

Stacy Landsman

Robert & Rosemary Leistner

Dr. James & Susan Madison

Judge Richard and Rachel Mills

Daniel O’Brien

Wendy, Peter and Caroline Rogers

Raymond & Mary Beth Roland

Nancy Simpson

Jon & Kendra Stewart

Bob Stuart

R. Kurt & Beth Wilke

Richard & Karen Woodbridge

Midwest Petroleum

Clark Brands, LLC

Decatur memorial Foundation


Joe Grojean

Gifts made in his memory from:

Daniel O’Brien



Gifts made in his memory from:

Marine Bank

Stephan Roth & SOS Department of Personnel



Gifts made in his memory from:

Shirley Bates & Christopher Lienemann

Amber Blair

Lauren Boetel

Charles & Dolores Brittin

Pamela Campbell

Twila Clark

Cheryl Cool

Deborah & Greg Cooper

R. L Cortright

Shari & Kenneth Dansbury

Jane Davis


Stacy & Luke Dillefeld

Barbara Eades

The Flora Family

Michael Hamende

Kristen Heckel

Harvey Hinton

Bill & Tina Kink

Hillary Lamontagne

Lyman & Bonnie Leach

James Clayton & Mary Ann Legg

Jeff & Diane Maas

J. Timothy & Sandra Mate

Darrel Mathis

Susan McGhee

Malissa & Terry Munsterman

Daniel O'Brien

Barbara Oglesby

Karen Penn

Jeffrey & Tara Raes

Bradford Rich

Joey & Robert Rapp



Joey & Robert Rapp

Joey & Robert Rapp

Abby & John Rheinecker

Megan Roberts

Stephen & Sally Schepper

Barbara Tripp, Kathryn Sanders & Susan Mulligan

Cyndi Spears

Carl & Angela Try

D. F. & K. L. Walraven, Jr.

Norma Wilcox

Kathleen Wooters

Stephen & Edna White

Hanson Engineering

Hickory Point Bank

Ladage Farm, Inc.

Schultz Properties

Springfield Motor Boat Club

Bruce Webb Insurance Agency, Inc.

Gifts made in her memory from:

Daniel O'Brien


The following gifts were made:

  • By Mary Green in honor of Matt & Carol Green