Welcome to the Abraham Lincoln Council, Boy Scouts of America Donation Page.  Your support helps us to better serve young people on Mr. Lincoln’s Prairie, preparing them to be better citizens and leaders.

All contributions to the Abraham Lincoln Council are tax deductible as your circumstances allow.  Acknowledgements are provided throughout the year and letters for use with your taxes are sent each January for gifts made the preceding year.

You may choose several ways to contribute, including: “Friend of Scouting”, “In Memory of” or “In Honor of” an individual, or request a contact be made for support of our Endowment Fund.

Scout Tribute Fund

Contributions to the Scout Tribute Fund are placed in the Abraham Lincoln Council Endowment Fund.  The gifts and future appreciation are held in trust to further the Scouting program in Central Illinois.



Gifts made in his memory from: 

Judy & Robert Booth

John & Viera Burney

Barbara & Charles Elder

James & Bonnie Elmerick

Tami Genin

Terry & Deborah Keeling

Tillie Oberheim

Dan O'Brien

Logan Schlipf

Kurt & Beth Wilke



Gifts made in memory of him from:

J.B. & Freda Atwood

James & Beverly Barham

Robert Bondurant, Jr.

Doug & Carolyn Broadhead

David Brown

Michael DeLeo

Susan & George Dunaway

James & Elizabeth Fischer

Earl Forrler

Tami Genin

Wendell Hahn

Joe Harrison

William & Marilyn Hopper

Mark Hopwood

Anne Huff

Linda Johnson

Wayne & Marilyn Montney

Dan O'Brien

Dan O'Brien

Reyne & Adam Pallai

Jon & Cathy Plowman

Judy Ridinger

John Sanford

Logan Schlipf

Cynthia Shain

Robert A. Stuart, Jr.

James summersgill

Randy & Nancy Vereen

Steve White

Fred & Kelly Wallace

John J. Warren

Steve White

Kurt & Beth Wilke

Bob & Dixie Williamson

Randy & Karen Witter

K. Thomas Robbins & Gayle Woodson

Nancy Zimmers

Sharon & Elvin Zook

McClure Funeral Home

The Coeburn High School Class of '61

Catherine O'Connor

Roy & Inez Raney

Marcella Rentz

Darrel Salzman

Jeffrey & Deanne Sandstrom

Elaine Urekar

Donna Wade

Rotary Club of Springfield South

Gifts made in his memory from:

Alan & Lois Avery

David & Cassandra Burnett

Susan Childress

Monica & Derrel Davis

James & Susan Helm

Donald Henry, Sr.

Amy & Gary King

Mary & William McCarthy


Gifts made in his memory from:

Thomas Allen

Steven & Lou Ann Armstrong

Stephen & Diane Baggerly

David & Marilyn Flinn Brender

Dale & Mindy Boudreau

Gary & Kathleen Brown

Cheryl Bumgarner

Robert & Bettie Burtle

Samuel & Donna Burtle

Ruth Flinn

Duane & Lori Frederking

Eldon & Betty Greenwood

Doris Gregory

Joseph & Lisa Hartzler

Dale & Diana Hedrick

Michael & Deborah Henry

Kenneth & Donna Hersemann

Michael & Deborah Hinman

H.E. Justison

Robert Kaaz

Donald & Bonnie Ladage

Dana Madigan

David & Martin Marr

Richard & Brenda Matthews

Jason & Stacey McVicker

John & Mary Meisner

Darrell Nation

Stephen & Leah Newell

Daniel O'Brien

Ronald & Debra Petefish

Sharon & Richard Petefish

Stephen & Amy Pratt

Betty Price

Greg & Jane Jordan Rebbe

Linda & Robert Reed

Lawrence, Kristen & Laura Sweat

Dennis & Janet Thomas

Katherine Turner

Anna Twyford

Thomas & Susan Uzzo

John & Nancy Wallner

Eric & Colleen Wands

J.E. & Joan Withers


Whalen Trucking, Inc.


Gifts made in his memory from:

Tami Genin

Dan O'Brien

Gary Schwab

Gifts made in his memory from:  

Jeff Sandstrom

Mark & Barb Tripp

IOC Activity Committee

The following gifts were made:

  • By Mary Green in honor of Matt & Carol Green