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January 19, 2019

Your journey begins aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, with the Good Doctor Aronnax, but rapidly becomes an epic voyage as the ship is attacked by a “Mysterious Sea Monster.” Now your patrol has been pressed into service aboard the Nautilus. Gather your Patrol and join the adventures of Captain Nemo as he navigates the waters surrounding Camp Illinek as part of the 2019 Klondike Derby.

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A service project is a special Good Turn that puts Scout spirit into action. Some Good Turns are big—saving a life, helping out after floods or other disasters, recycling community trash, working on conservation projects. But Good Turns are often small, thoughtful acts—helping a child cross a busy street, going to the store for an elderly neighbor, cutting back brush that is blocking a sign, doing something special for a brother or sister, or welcoming a new student to your school. Anyone can get involved in a Good Turn. 

Click here to find out how to record your service hours.

Journey to Excellence Requirements for Boy Scout Troops:

  • To achieve bronze, troops must participate in 3 service projects in the year

  • To achieve silver, troops must participate in 4 service projects in the year

  • To achieve gold, troops must participate in five service projects and enter the hours on the JTE website. (Link above)