Each Unit should Log into the National Site to log your annual service hours.  

A service project is a special Good Turn that puts Scout spirit into action. Some Good Turns are big—saving a life, helping out after floods or other disasters, recycling community trash, working on conservation projects. But Good Turns are often small, thoughtful acts—helping a child cross a busy street, going to the store for an elderly neighbor, cutting back brush that is blocking a sign, doing something special for a brother or sister, or welcoming a new student to your school. Anyone can get involved in a Good Turn. 

First-Time Users: Log In Instructions

What you will need:

  • Your unit ID (five to 11 digits)  (Click here to find your unit ID # if you do not know it)
  • Your unit number (four digits, no letters – ex. Pack 62 = 0062)

If you do not have this information, click here.

For New Users

Step 1 – Log onto https://servicehours.scouting.org/UI/Security/Login.aspx.

This is the service hour reporting website.  You can also find this link in your my.scouting.org account under the “Legacy Web Tools” menu.

Step 2 – New User/First Time User: Click the New Users Link, then click “I agree” regarding the confidentiality statement.

Step 3 – Create your account:

  • Enter your units’ ID number.  It is a 5 to 11-digit number (not your “unit” 3 to 4 digit one).  Contact your District Executive if you do not know your units’ ID.  FYI – it is the same number as the ID number you use to log online advancement.
  • Enter your name, address, city, state, zip code, e-mail address
  • Type in a user name of your choice. If the user name you typed in is already in use, you will be asked to select another user name.
  • Type in and verify your password.  This can be anything you choose between six and 10 characters.
  • Click Register.  The Home page of the data collection site appears.
  • If you have problems logging in, contact the local council or your district executive to verify your unit ID.

Step 4 – Enter your unit’s service hours

  • Click the service project description that best describes the service project in which your unit participated.  Select only one type of service project.  Use Other service project for any service project that does not fall into the categories listed.
  • To enter the date, click on the calendar icon to the right of the input box.  Select the date using the calendar that pops up. Use the arrows on either side of the month name at the top of the calendar to change the month if needed.  Click on the day the service project was completed, and the date will automatically be recorded in the date box.
  • Enter the number of youth members (Scouts) who participated in the project.
  • Enter the number of youth who are not members who participated in the project.  This might include brothers, sisters, friends, or any other youth not currently a Scout.
  • Enter the number of adult leaders participating in the project.  This number should include only registered Scout leaders.
  • Enter the number of other adults who participated in the project.  This can include parents, grandparents, or any other adult who is not a registered leader for the unit.
  • Enter the total number of hours that members and non-members worked on the service project from start to finish.  This number should include the time worked by both adults and youth.
  • If items were collected, enter the number of items collected.
  • Select the organization(s) with which your unit partnered on this project.  If your unit did not partner with any organization(s), select none.
  • You will also be asked who benefited from the project or to what organization the items collected were donated.  If the project directly benefited an individual or family, list individual in this space.  If the project benefited a local charity, school, or other organization, list the name of the local charity, school, or other organization.
  • Space has also been provided for you to type in a brief description of the project. 
  • Click on Submit Report.  Review your answers to ensure that your submission is correct.   

Returning Users – Log In

  • Type the user name and password that you created when you registered at the site.
  • If you forgot your password, see the next section titled Forgotten Passwords.
  • If you forgot your user name, you will need to contact your district executive or the council so that they can give you the user name you registered.
  • If you have problems logging in, contact the local council or your district executive to verify your unit ID.

Forgotten Passwords: If you are trying to log in and you have forgotten your password:

  • Click on the words Click here to look up your password.
  • Enter the unit ID that you used when you first registered with the data collection site.  If you do not remember the ID, call your local council or your district executive to request it.  If you are a volunteer for several units, you must use the unit ID for the unit for which you are submitting the service project data.
  • Enter your e-mail address.
  • Click on Look up password.  Your password will be e-mailed to you.
  • If you have problems, please contact your local council or your district executive.

Changing Your Password: After you have logged on to the site:

  • Click the link called Change Password at the top right-hand side of your screen.
  • Type the same unit ID that was used when you first registered with the Web site.  If you don’t remember the unit ID, call your local council or district executive to request it.
  • Enter your current password.
  • Enter your new password and then verify your new password by retyping it.
  • Left mouse-click on the Change Password button and your password will be changed.

Note:  If you are having issues with your report not submitting online, try using a different browser.