James Grable

Camp Director,, 217-529-2727

Reservation Process / Fee Schedule 


This step includes a $25 site deposit and payment for your first Scout. You will receive credit for the scout payment in step 2.

• If you complete "Step 1" before November 1st, 2019, your fee per scout in 2019 will be $295, provided you complete "Step 2" and pay in full by May 15th, 2020.
• If you complete "Step 1" between November 1st, 2019 and May 15th, 2020, your fee per scout in 2020 will be $305, provided you complete "Step 2" and pay in full by May 15th, 2020.
• If you register your unit after May 15th, 2020, your fee per scout will be $315 plus a $25 site fee.

After completion of Step 1 you will be issued a unique web link to manage your merit badge registration, equipment requests, and other details.

-Please enter your Scouts information on the linked sheet and it will automatically sync with the Council. You can make changes to the sheet at any time, up until 2 weeks prior to camp.

If you have any issues please contact Chuck or James at the council office.

If your unit registered after 5/21/19 and needs a registration link please contact Chuck or James.

STEP 2 - register your scouts and adults for camp

Effective for the 2020 BSA summer camp season, any adult accompanying a Scout troop to a resident camp or other Scouting activity lasting 72 hours (cumulative) or more must be registered as a leader, including completion of a CBC (Criminal Background Check), and YPT, even if they are the parent of a youth on the trip.  This must be completed prior to arriving at camp.

If you have any questions about this requirement, please contact the council office or James Grable at 217-529-2727 or


  • Limited to 14 years and older scouts.

  • There will be a $40 fee for the class at camp. (this is much lower than you would be able to rent PWC’s at other venues)

  • Each class will be for one solid hour. Scouts will not be able to attend a Merit Badge directly before or after their PWC session.

  • Due to Illinois Law, scouts under 18 will need to have passed a boater’s safety course. Elligible courses are available online or in live courses.

  • Youth members will need a release form, signed by their parents and, if they have one, a copy of their boater’s safety certificate.

  • Every attempt will be made to fit interested 14 year-olds, with their troop, in to this new program.



PWC Participation and Hold Harmless Agreement (2020 rev.) - required for all PWC participants


Registration for Small Boat Sailing can be completed on the merit badge worksheet.

Sailboat Regatta

Each Friday, a Sailboat Regatta will be held for Scouts who have been at camp that week. If Scouts are not current participants in the Sailing program, or alumni of Camp Bunn Sailing, they will have to demonstrate their ability to the Sailing Director before participating. “Ringers” are not welcome. After camp, each week’s winners will be invited to participate in a final regatta on July 20th, 2019 and compete for $1000 in college scholarships.