Council Staff

The Staff of the Abraham Lincoln Council are dedicated to helping our partner organizations deliver a quality Scouting program to a growing number of youth in a fiscally responsible manner.

Dan O'Brien, Scout Executive & CEO,

Daniel.O', 217-529-2727

Tami Genin, Council Administrator,, 217-529-2727

Lincoln Home District & Log Cabin/Railsplitter East

  • C-68 Taylorville
  • S-68 Taylorville
  • C-74 Morrisonville
  • S-74 Morrisonville
  • C-132 Taylorville
  • S-132 Taylorville
  • C-134 Stonington

JERRY DANIELS,  Sr. District Executive, 217-320-4742


Honest Abe District & Log Cabin/Railsplitter District West

  • C-55 Virden
  • C-60 Girard
  • S-61 Virden
  • S-62 Carlinville
  • S-63 Carlinville
  • C-65 Carlinville
  • S-162 Waggoner

MATT TORRES,   District Executive, 217-529-2727

Venturing/Exploring & Log Cabin/Railsplitter District South

  • C-77 Raymond
  • S-77 Raymond
  • S-87 Litchfield
  • C-89 Litchfield
  • S-89 Litchfield
  • C-90 Hillsboro
  • S-99 Nokomis
  • S-377 Hillsboro

james grable,  District Executive, (217) 529-2727

Becky Haustein, Trading Post Manager

Michael Wilson, Office Manager,

Jim Thull, Camp Bunn Caretaker

Andrew Strow, Camp Illinek Caretaker