Nominations accepted year-round for

District Award of Merit and Silver Beaver

Council recognition dinner 2019

Congratulations and thank you to all the volunteers that continue to lead and make an impact on the Council and the youth on Mr. Lincoln's Prairie.  On March 13th we met to recognize a small group of those volunteers.  Through them, we thank you all!

Pictures from the 2019 Dinner are Coming Soon


Charlie Rice, Bob Schmidt, Eric Harrison

Charlie Rice, Bob Schmidt, Eric Harrison

Eric Harrison received the Venturing Leadership Award in recognition of his leadership in Crew 1863, the Venturing/Exploring Officers Association, as well as the Order of the Arrow.  He also served as teh Youth Chair of this year's Klondike Derby.

Bob Schmidt was awarded the first Sea Scouting Leadership Award in the Council in recognition of his work with Ship 123, as well as Area 3 Sea Scouting.  Among the many other things he has done, Bob has been the lifeblood of the Sea Scout Rendezvous, hosted at Camp Illinek.

Eldon Barrowes, Tom Atkins

Eldon Barrowes, Tom Atkins

Escorted by Tom Atkins, Eldon Barrowes from the Honest Abe District, was awarded the District Award of Merit. Eldon has been a Scouter for 47 years, serving as Scoutmaster, District Training Chair, and Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner.  He has given leadership to almost 35 Eagle Scouts and chaired 3 encampments at Nauvoo, with more than 2000 participants at each.  Eldon previously received the Silver Beaver Award, and has served on Wood Badge Staff.

Matt Hoffman, Randy Heidorn

Matt Hoffman, Randy Heidorn

Escorted by Randy Heidorn, Matt Hoffman received the District Award of Merit from the Venturing/Exploring District.  Matt serves as the Advisor of the First Fighting Explorer Post 300, chartered to the Springfield Fire Department.  He has helped his post grow by expanding to include EMS Explorers.  He is dedicated to his post and is working diligently to help add a Law Enforcement Explorer Post to the City of Springfield.

Pat Provart, Joanna Gunderson

Pat Provart, Joanna Gunderson

Pat Provart from the Lincoln Home District was escorted by Joanna Gunderson as he received the District Award of Merit.  Pat has served in many roles, including pack and troop committee member, assistant scoutmaster, and Webelos Leader.  He is perhaps best known for his efforts as a Unit Commissioner, where he provides information to his units, listens to their problems and seeks help from others. 

Steve Harrison, Don Farrimond

Steve Harrison, Don Farrimond

Steve Harrison from the Log Cabin/Railsplitter District was escorted by Don Farrimond as he received the District Award of Merit.  Steve has served as Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, Pack Committee Chair and Associate Crew Advisor.  He is Wood Badge Trained and a Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow.

Angela Try, Brian Davis

Angela Try, Brian Davis

The final District Award of Merit recipient for the evening was awarded to Angela Try from the Lincoln Home District.  Angela was escorted by Brian Davis.  Angela started her BSA career in 2011 as a Tiger Leader, she has also been a Girl Scout leader for more than a decade.  She has been the Committee Chair for Pack 79 for six years, and a committee member for Troop 310 for 4.  With Pack 79, she has played a part in it becoming the largest Cub Scout Pack in the council.  She is involved in her church, the Glenwood Speech Boosters, and much more.


Silver Beaver Recipients Bill Harman and Bob Tregoning (more to come)

As part of our National Court of Honor, we were also able to recognize several Scouts and Scouters for the following:


Webelos Scout Hayden S. from Pack 79, chartered to Knights of Columbus Council #4179 in Chatham received the Council's Certificate of Appreciation.  While skipping stones with his brother from a bridge over a stream at his great grandmother's house, his brother fell off the bridge - 14 feet above the water.  Hayden stayed calm, jumped into action and ran for help, getting his brother help and treating his injuries at the local hospital.


After the close of the final campfire during the first week of camp last summer, Vice President for Training Larry Stowers was found on the side of the trail, unresponsive.  Camp staff members went into action, calling for help, directing the ambulance and doing what they could to revive and save this veteran Scouter's life.  While all behaved as we would expect, Hannah Prim, Jayden Ware and Jerry Daniels were recognized for their efforts.   Hannah and Jayden were not available to attend the dinner.


Brandon C. of Troop 310 in Chatham.  While setting up to serve as a lifeguard during a jet ski event, Steve White's craft was hit by a wave about 200 feet from shore.  It tipped over, hit Steve and disoriented him, causing him to swallow water.  Brandon was on another jet ski, pulling out of the lift.  Steve got his attention, though was still choking.  Brandon raced to Steve, threw him a life line and towed him to shore.  For his quick thinking and actions that may well have saved Steve's life, Brandon was recognized with the National Certificate of Merit.


A classmate was eating a salad and laughing during lunch in the school cafeteria when she suddenly coughed and went silent.  Another student ran for help, while Patrick B. (left) calmly performed the Heimlich Maneuver, causing a crouton to pop out.  The young lady was fine and completed the school day as normal.  For his quick thinking and action, Patrick was presented the Medal of Merit.

Last Spring Nicholas T. (right) and his father were driving when they heard a crash behind them.  A semi-truck had hit a second truck, causing it to hit a Honda sedan.  Fuel caught on fire.  While they were several cars ahead, they pulled over and ran back to help.  Nick ran around the burning fuel to the 2nd semi, to find the driver struggling to get out of his seatbelt. Nick helped him out and then stopped him from wandering around aimlessly.  He treated the man for shock and treated a 4-5 inch gash on his arm while waiting for help.  We have forwarded his nomination to national to be considered for the Honor Medal, by presented him with the Medal of Merit at the dinner.


Congratulations to all of these Scouts and Scouters for their quick thinking and efforts.  We are not only proud of them,  but their families and all the volunteers that have helped ready them for these situations. 

2017 Training Awards Received

Shannon Haustein, C77, Scouter's Training Award

Daniel Higginson, S210, Unit Leader Award of Merit

Suzanna Jordan, S340, Scouter's Training Award

Beau Kunz, C356, Den Leader Training Award

Karen Provart, C38, Scouter's Training Award

James Wilcockson, C356, Den Leader Training Award

Lisa-Maria Cipolla, C38, Den Leader Training Award

Scott Fay, S340, Scoutmaster's Kay Award

Joshua Friedrich, C53, Scouter's Training Award

Jaqueliyn Gillock, C356, Cubmaster's Key Award

Jaquelyn Gillock, C356, Unit Leader Award of Merit

Eric Gunderson, C38, Scouter's Training Award

Rebekah Haustein, C77, Cubmaster's Key Award

James E. West Fellowship Awards

Larry Stowers

Glenn Weronko


Nominations accepted year-round for

District Award of Merit and Silver Beaver